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What’s Estonian for Caveman?

Defending the CavemanTim Plewman has done so well with Defending the Caveman – first the play, now the book – that his fame has spread far and wide.

As far and as wide as the outer regions of the former USSR, at least. Read this:

I’m writing to you from an Estonian publishing company.

We are interested in the Estonian translation rights for the title of:

Defending the Caveman by Tim Plewman

If the rights are available and if this makes no inconvenience, we would be very thankful for sending a reading-copy of the books.

[We are] a subcompany of Estonian largest publishing company… The main area of activity of this group is the publication of the biggest Estonian weekly newspaper… We have also been publishing books for six years.

For more information about the company please visit [...]

Kind Regards,


The domain ID for Estonia is “.ee”, by the way. As in “eek” – as in “squeek” – as in the noise of pleasure one makes when receiving an email like this.

If anyone can supply the Estonian for “caveman”, that will be a good start. If you don’t know where Estonia is, much less any of the national language, here are some handy links:

View Larger Map

And here’s a handy guide to Defending the Caveman:

Of the book:

The book form of Defending The Caveman follows the long-running success of the one-man play in South Africa and around the world. Tim Plewman, South Africa’s original stage caveman, has transposed the play, recreating it for readers and capturing the wit and insight of the original script, as he gets to grips with the fundamental differences that separate men and women. More than a simple re-telling of the play, Plewman adds the wealth of knowledge that nine years of staging it has brought him, as well as some of the more memorable moments that came with putting on the show across South Africa.

Of the play:

“Whoever it was who thought of transcribing [Rob Becker’s] Broadway hit into terms readily recognised by South Africans and to deliver them in a broad South African accent, deserves a medal. I dare say the original format would have raised from me a smile, or a chuckle or two. The localised version had me in stitches. This is, of course, almost entirely due to the presentation of Tim Plewman and his director, Rex Garner, past masters in the art of setting an audience a-roar.”
– The Citizen

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