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Adults Only teaser: Q&A with Aryan Kaganof

17. Aryan Kaganof

Joanne Hichens – editor of the Adults Only, the second annual Short.Sharp.Stories Awards anthology – spoke to Aryan Kaganof about his story “Time Out With My Destiny”.

Aryan Kaganof is a writer and filmmaker, who blogs at Aryan preferred not to answer questions about his story – “I’d rather not rupture the magic fourth wall,” he explained. Instead, he sent us his thoughts on the writing process.”

The problem with a universe where everything is possible, simultaneously, is how to ascribe value to these possibilities. I think that a taxonomy based on an order of truths might be the only way. (But then again, there may well be other ways, and so one can’t really get started…). It’s this suggested crisis of language, the breakdown that occurs when we consider all the possibilities, the lack of forward momentum, that stopped me from really becoming a writer. The books I wrote, I think, all suffer from the problem of incredulity, not so much that the readers could not believe them, but that I could not believe them. This is a poor position for an author to start out from.

Eventually I realized that my writing was all a possible position and not THE position and this defeated me, so I stopped. This is the reason I love music so much. Being in the music allows for the simultaneity of all positions, there is no linguistic demand for the either/or-ness of meaning, something that words must have a priori if reading/communicating is going to have any value. To put it in short, I wanted to use words musically but did not want to tie them down to their meanings. The words took this as a betrayal of their function and so the Muse left me.

The song “Holocaust” is a kind of end point. It doesn’t get much grimmer in the possibility of depicting what heroin does to a body. And yet it is immensely beautiful. This is the turn that is possible in music. The highest poetry aspires to this immensely paradoxical fulfillment of contradiction that is Truth.

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